Thursday, March 05, 2009

What Would an Orientalist Say About Star Wars?

The following like was forwarded to me by a young man. It is an analysis of Star Wars, which claims that within the movie, there is no such thing as the force.

This seemingly ridiculous and stupid piece of writing is actually full of wisdom, in a Mullah Nasruddin Khwaja type of way (that is Juha for some of the Arabs).

It is an Orientalist-style refutation of the Star Wars narrative, which is at the same time, seemingly logical, while being wrapped in stupidity through and through. Like Nasruddin Khawajah, rahimahullah, it teaches us about truth and wisdom by showing us what truth and wisdom aren't.

As silly as it may seem, I recommend that anyone who has studied hadith and orientalism, and has also seen Star Wars, take a glance...

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