Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transcontinental Boycotts and Other Perils of Contemporary Islam

A response to how to reconcile the seeming angst between some scholars and activists of Islam in .pdf format.

Read Paper Here


Aamir Bashir said...

Barak Allah feek, Shaykh. Very well put.

Muadh Khan said...

Asslamo Allaikum Shaykh,

Jazakullah Khairun for a well put together piece.

Mushfiqur Rahman said...
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Mushfiqur Rahman said...


This article addresses the issue very well alhamdulillah. Only point I would make is that the word "boycott" and "modernist" and all the sensationalism came from muftisays blog-post.

The fatwa itself was a very simple honest response in what you termed the 'Ilmi sphere and composed 4 or 5 sentences!

umm-abdillah said...

Subhanallah. Really appreciate the effort and sincerity that was put into compiling this much needed message. Barakallah feekum.

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